6 Novembre 2018

E-banking is changing the relationship between banks and customers, mobile transactions have doubled

According to a study carried out by some credit institutions, online banking and mobile banking are becoming more common in Italy. As we speak, there are 31.3 million adults active on the Internet in Italy, and over the past three years it has been estimated that among them, more than 19 millions are using E-banking services both from PC and from mobile phone. In three years, in fact, the number has risen by 3 millions, and banks are dealing with 26 million online accounts. Mobile banking in particular has made the biggest step forward with a 106% increase and 38% of depositors are mobile banking users.


The survey found that: 55% of online account holders are under 45; almost 57% of them are males, educated or highly educated and living in northern Italy. Nowadays the vast majority of banks has chosen a multi-channel approach as main aim, which is to ensure several points of contacts between bank and customer (web, social, chat, mobile and physical venues). More than one third (34%) of users would like to have an ongoing relationship with their own bank, fast, remotely, but as rich as the physical experience.

Savers are looking for a direct line to the bank, which includes also advices and counseling. 28% of users would love faster and smarter processes, like biometric systems to determine identities. 80% of users usually prefer looking at their credit card statements when online, 67% uses E-banking services for credit transfers and phone top-ups, but also for paying Postals and fines (40%). Italian savers appreciate online banking services, but continue to prefer physical venues to carry out more complex operations, like for example investment management.