Consumers for Digital Payments (C4DiP) was created with the objective of informing citizens about the use of electronic money. Thanks to their traceability, electronic payments:

  • encourage consumption through an intuitive payment method;
  • stimulate innovation and modernisation in the secondary and tertiary sectors;
  • reduce the shadow economy.

Amid an increasingly rapid and digitalised world, a growing number of countries is taking steps to make the most of the many benefits associated with electronic payments.

research by the European Central Bank showed that European consumers highly appreciate the ease and speed of electronic transactions, knowing that they are using a safe way of payment that is accepted everywhere.

In Italy, there is considerable room for improvement regarding the Payment Services Directive (PSD2). The latest data show timid advances in electronic payments; however, the European average is still too far away. As a matter of facts, while in Europe almost 30% of payments is already cashless, Italy is still among the last positions, with more than 80% of cash payments.

In short, electronic payments grant quick and safe transactions, together with the chance of shopping everywhere with multiple devices. Additionally, they meet the new needs of consumers and technology innovations, which open the door to new markets and business models. Lastly, they contribute to the development of a modern and sustainable economy.

C4DiP aims to disseminate this information and to be a hub for both consumers and institutions, so that there is increasing awareness of the opportunities related to digital payments.

Together, we can #paydigital, #payaware!