About C4DiP

The creation of Consumers for Digital Payments (C4DiP) was based upon the idea of three consumers associations – Movimento Difesa del CittadinoAsso-consum, and U.Di.Con – to promote digital payments among citizens and raise awareness of consumers’ needs among institutions. Electronic payments mean, as a matter of facts, stimulating consumption, promoting a sustainable economy, contributing to the fight against tax evasion, and promoting technological innovation.

  • Movimento Difesa del Cittadino (MDC) is an Italian consumer association founded in Rome in 1987. Its aim is to protect citizens' rights from all forms of abuse by bureaucracy and businesses in consumer relations.
    MDC proposes and implements projects at a national and international level for the recognition and strengthening of protections in all areas of interest to citizens, with a focus on issues of new frontier including transparency of P.A. e-government, Internet and children, e-commerce, digital payments, net neutrality, energy, and protection of savings.

    We believe that in this sceptical country there are formidable resources of warm solidarity that the rusty probes of political representation are no longer able to draw on.

    (Francesco Luongo, President)
  • Asso-consum is an association founded in Rome in 2002 operating in Italy and Europe for the defence of consumers, users, and citizens. Asso-consum, as a matter of facts, protects the rights and interests of people to eliminate abuses and market distortions, social discrimination, and corruption.
    In this regard, the organization has established services of assistance, guidance and training to consumers, associated and not, as well as free legal advice in the areas of credit and savings, contracts, telecommunications, transport, class action, health, tourism, environment, food, privacy.

    There are no boundaries between administrations and citizens: there are men who confront each other in order to build a better society together.

    (Ettore Salvatori, President)
  • U.Di.Con – Unione per la Difesa dei Consumatori is an association founded in Rome in 2003 with the aim of protecting the rights of citizens: the right to health, safety and quality of products and services, the right to information and proper advertising, consumer education, fairness of contracts, the provision of efficient public services.
    The association helps those consumers who, in society, are in a weak negotiating position and asymmetric information towards professionals, companies, and the market in general. U.Di.Con promotes and favours the information of the citizen, through publications, press reviews, brochures, and offers advice and assistance in the legal, economic-financial, health, social security and tax fields.

    Every day, we inform citizens to enable them to be the decision-makers of their own future

    (Denis Domenico Nesci, President)