16 Luglio 2019

Zero commission target

Resetting the Pos device commissions seems to have become a necessary battle for the Italian system for the dissemination of digital payments.

It is well known, though often ignored, that in many areas of the peninsula it is not always possible to use cashless instruments to make payments. In Naples, for example, in several neighborhoods a refrain seems to bring together several merchants "We don't have Pos, we're sorry, only cash".

Retailers seem to snub electronic payment systems by charging management fees and the percentage that the bank collects for each transaction. Precisely this reason makes the advance of digital payments in our country increasingly difficult.In fact, Naples is only one of the most glaring examples, but certainly not the only one: in general, Italians use banknotes and coins in the 85.9% of cases, while only 12.9% of transactions are reserved for credit cards.

It is clear that among the shop keepers reluctant to use electronic payment, there are also the famous " POS' crafty ", more widespread than we want to admit, as the growing affirmation of digital payments is affecting the tendency to use off-the-books payments to avoid the traceability of money. Consequently, greater recognition of transactions through digital payments would make it possible to reduce tax evasion and consequently make taxpayers pay less taxes.

Zeroing the commissions for payments under 25 euros would surely shake up a stalemate that is creating different difficulties for the Italian system in its advance towards the digitization of payments.