31 Maggio 2019

The boom in e-commerce thanks to digital payments

Why should we spend time and energy wandering needlessly for shop to shop when you could do all this from the sofa thanks to a smartphone? This is clearly a thought shared by most Italians, as shown by the data on the ecommerce market in Italy. Indeed, according to the latest survey of the B2C eCommerce Observatory - Netcomm Consortium / School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, in 2019 online purchases through digital payments of Italians continue to grow (+ 15% compared to last year) and exceed 31,5 billion euros. The products, thanks to a growth of + 21%, amounted to 18.2 billion, while services reached 13.3 billion euros (+ 7%) online.

The largest purchases are concentrated between computer and electronic products, in the clothing sector, in the food & grocery, without underestimating the tourism and transport sector.

As mentioned before, the protagonist of this revolution is the smartphone: almost 40% of the total ecommerce takes place by mobile phone, giving the possibility to make a purchase easily, quickly wherever you are. Despite the success of online shopping and digital payments, only 10% of Italian companies sell online on account of their inability to apply available technologies and to expand their business. This forces "virtual customers" to turn to foreign companies, which are therefore more competitive.

The 2019 could therefore be the decisive year for bringing the Italian system to a digital transformation, facilitating online payments and helping companies to develop the technologies needed for the e-commerce business.