1 Agosto 2019

Skin chips as a credit card

Contactless cards? Payments with the smartphone? This is the past. While in Italy we are still suffering from excessive attachment to cash, in the rest of the world the future continues to advance. The last frontier of payment, in the USA, is the chip under the skin implanted in the hand. There are already 50 employees of the American company Three Square Market, specialized in the creation of corporate break rooms (that is relaxation areas for employees with vending machines for food and drinks) that said yes to the microchip. Even in Sweden this fashion seems to have broken out a few years ago, and thousands of people have had a chip planted.

Open the house’s door, pay the bills, make purchases, take a coffee: everything will literally be at hand.

Small as a grain of rice, the under-skin microchip can be used to make payments, thus replacing cash and credit cards: just bring your hand close to the ad hoc reader and your wallet is no longer needed. The pockets of consumers will be more and more empty, moreover the chips will not be equipped with gps such as mobile phones, to ensure greater privacy for people.

All that remains is to wait to see if this new fashion will take hold and it will defeat the reluctance of consumers in having a foreign part implanted in the body.