5 Aprile 2019

How are credit cards changing?

Fashion is a flowing river. Sometimes a few trends come back, and clothes considered retro come back into fashion and are considered vintage. Just as the shoe models we have on our feet change, the credit cards we have in our pockets also change.


With the advancement of digital payments, which have grown by 56% in the last year, we have already seen the bulky wallets disappear, an excessive accessory for consumers who, except for the usual resistances, are abandoning the habit of leaving home with their pockets swollen with banknotes.

Today minimalism seems to be the new trend that drives the world of fashion, and just as all clothing are forced to bow down before this higher diktat, even credit cards bend to this order. No more number, no security code, or expiration date. Only our name and surname and the logo of course.

The first to launch this new model on the catwalk is Apple, which has recently arrived in the field of digital payments. However, it doesn’t seem to be an isolated case but a real market trend.

What is the reason for this change of fashion? The changing times. Once the payment cards were flashy and pompous, with the gold or platinum model, symbols of well-being for the consumer who owned it. Today these tools are more and more widespread, thanks to debit cards and post-pay it is aimed at highly branded objects, which nevertheless reflect the exclusivity of the object and are destined to become increasingly cult.

On the other hand, today's fashion is the personalization of products. Without a credit card with our name and maybe our photo, as if it were our business card, we wouldn't be cool.