5 Giugno 2019

Finance is at your fingertips

Among the innovations born from the digital revolution, one of those that is mostly enjoying success is the transition to digital finance. If once you were used  to go to the bank rarely enough not to have to face long queues, now you have all the features of a bank directly on a mobile app, just a tap away.

This allows anyone to have a closer relationship with their money and, consequently, a greater attention to the investment’s potential, with purchases of securities that require a few seconds to be confirmed, funds with high yields and eye-catching graphics. This innovation leads us to be all careful investors, having every movement under control at any time, and encouraging savings in everyday expenses.

One of the consequences of this fact is that for years almost all traditional Italian banks have favored the development of associated companies with a more "tech-friendly" profile, such as Fineco, Hello! Money, WeBank, Widiba: this has given banks the chance to modernize, adopting technological methods more accessible to the customer in everyday life. In addition, the market has opened up to a new business in which young start-ups, which immediately moved with "digital native" logic, have their users grow at very high rates.


As evidence of this change, 2018 in Italy was the year with the highest rates of current accounts via smartphones and account cards with IBAN, established as solutions that thanks to constant support towards the most advanced payment technologies (like Apple Pay or Google Pay) and at very attractive offers scaled on different "tiers", they seem to have conquered the Italians.