5 Luglio 2019

Electronic payments: new solutions for the Cash Point

The world of electronic payments in Retail is undergoing a profound transformation: growing technological innovation, new generations of consumers who are more inclined to use digital and demanding tools in the services requested.

The point-of-sale system suppliers guide this change by developing innovative solutions based on the use of mobile devices and smartphones, enriching the range of services at check-out in order to satisfy customer requests, also leveraging the availability of Android platforms.

The integration of new payment terminals at the checkout promotes more and more customers who want to operate independently, managing their own cards or wallets and applying the signature on increasingly larger touchscreens. Where the cash register systems become "self-service", the customer experience is even more engaging and they can also place online orders and take advantage of value-added services.

Here in this context, payments tend to become intangible. A need that responds to the needs of consumers who perceive payment more and more as a waste of time and as something that "dirty" their custom experience. Queues at checkouts, cash exchanges, errors in giving change, digital payments as well as a valuable tool in the fight against tax evasion are now a tool that can regain consumers' time.