8 Aprile 2019

Cashless and mobility

The world of digital payments is now infiltrating every artery of contemporary society. Obviously the transport world could not be omitted from this expansion. In the wake of the Milan ATM, the first to have adopted a cashless payment system to buy tickets directly at the metro turnstiles using credit cards or apps, from today the Florentine bus company opts for the "contactless" revolution too.

The alternatives for the tickets purchasing on public transport have doubled within a few years, increasingly unmarking the citizen from the obligation to acquire the old paper ticket. One of the most used options is the sending of the sms, a perfect antidote for the last minute forgetfuls. But today, even such an apparently evolved system will become obsolete, it will be enough to approach the credit card or the ATM to a reader on the turnstiles or at the entrance of the buses and the payment will spring into action automatically.

And let's not forget about mobile phones, the first payment instrument for Italian consumers. In Milan, 10,000 commuters use credit cards or smartphones every day to buy their tickets. It is plausible to think, seeing the latest data from the Politecnico di Milano Digital Observatory, that this number is destined to increase exponentially, in Milan as in other cities where these new instruments will be adopted.

Will it be the end of paper tickets? We do not know, but it will certainly be a triumph for all those who are tired of walking around with pockets full of loose change.