8 Maggio 2019

At what stage are we with digital interaction with the PA

According to reports from the new Agi-Censis survey - carried out under the long-term Innovation Diary of the COTEC Foundation for Innovation, Italy is still suffering a sharp delay on the interaction of citizens with the Public Administration.

In 2018, only 24% of Italians declared to have interacted with PA electronically, against 92% of Danes, 71% of French, 57% of Spaniards. The average value in the European Union is 52%. Only Bulgaria and Romania are worse than us.

The reason for this delay needs to be found in the "financial education" issue in which our country floats, due to the low level of digital skills of citizens, still very grounded to an "analog" system. The Italians 'distrust in the new advancing often defeats citizens' curiosity towards these new tools. Another reason that makes this gap explicit can be found in the old-age index of Italy which has grown by 25 percentage points over the last 10 years, reaching a new historical record.

However, a change is possible and is already in progress, as recorded by the positive data written in the survey carried out in February 2019 by the coalition with Youtrend: according to the survey as many as 65% of Italians tried to make, at least once, an electronic payment towards the public administration. A positive signal that highlights how Italians, at least a good part of them, remain at the forefront with regard to technological innovations, with an eye to all those solutions that can simplify the everyday and accelerate obsolete mechanisms.